Today was nasty. There was supposed to be a hurricane, but like I guessed, it never happened. By the time it got here it was just some not so heavy rain. My boyfriend's mom starting being her old self again. Ever since my boyfriend's siblings have gone back to school she somehow thinks that I'm their tutor. 2 days ago she had me get out of the shower in a rush because she was screaming for me saying that it was important and urgent. I didn't even dry myself off, I literally hopped out of the shower put my clothes on and ran downstairs. She pointed to his little sister's homework and said that she needed help…I think that could have waited until after my shower. The thing is, his dad only has a 7th grade education and the mom only has an 8th grade education and neither of them can help either of their kids with their homework. I don't mind helping my boyfriend's brother with his homework. I think it's because he asks me for help and I'm not being yelled at by his mom or being forced to help him.

But ya…yesturday my boyfriend, his brother and I all stayed up late. I finally went to bed early in the morning and they stayed up until 8am. Then his mom came yelling for him because it was 5pm and he hadn't eaten yet…he was asleep. Basically she then started to chew me out because I hadn't brought him any food and wasn't 'doing my job'. I'm sorry, but in my eyes if someone is sleeping then you wait until their awake to bring them food. Besides, I'm working right now, what the hell is my boyfriend and her doing? Lounging around the house. It just gets me so agrivated because all she sees is me not doing crap when in reality I'm the only one doing crap. I went downstairs and dishes were piled in and around the sink (I hadn't been down all day and didn't do any dishes).

I started ranting while I was upstairs and my boyfriend was with me while I was ranting to him. He asked why I didn't just tell her and I told him because in my eyes it isn't my place. She's not my mother and she's not my mother-in-law. If she was my mother-in-law and I lived outside of her house then I'd tell her all day long what I thought about her. The thing is, she constantly nags and belittles me for things that she doesn't evevn do. She says that I don't feed her 'poor baby', well I don't see her in the kitchen. And whenever she is in the kitchen she's either making a bottle for one of the foster kids or breaking something. The way I see it, unless you're doing something yourself then don't say anything. And her excuse is that she's almost 40, she doesn't need to do those things. Really? So just because she's almost 40 she suddenly doesn't have to live up to her own expectations and she can't do anything at all. The only thing that she has to do is just sit in front of the t.v. or go shopping.

God I can't wait until I move out. The thing is, right now I'm really torn. I want to move back to California SO bad, but I have a job here and it's for at least 1 year. But living here I've learned some very valuable things, mostly is that I've pretty much gotten a refresh course in why I hated living in my mom's house. I absolutely hate living by someone else's rules. It's mainly just rules that I find stupid. Like how in this house I have 'jobs' yet it seems like no one else does either because they're boys or because they're too old or too young. It just boggles my mind why I'm the one stuck doing all the chores in the house when there is a 15 year old boy and a 10 year old girl who have never done chores in their life before and still don't. I hate how whenever I make my boyfriend help me with chores I'm the one that gets glared at and given rude comments because I'm making him pick up after himself. To me I'm not doing anything wrong. The way I see it is that if you don't have a job then guess what? You get more work then everyone else until you find a job.

Just god I hate that woman. I always thought that it was an over exageration or just pure fiction about people hating their mother-in-laws and having mother-in-laws from hell, but now I realize that it's all true. She's not even my mother-in-law and she's a nightmare. But ya…

I just had a bad day. Also, I got a lovely e-mail from a girl. Basically long story short, she sent an EXTREMELY long e-mail telling me how fat and ugly I am and how I need to find my own man and that my boyfriend is apparently her boyfriend and basically it was just one threat and mean comment after another. So that e-mail didn't help with today.


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