I was sitting on my front porch the other speaking to; well I would call him an acquaintance rather than an actual friend. He is a bit annoying and at times I really would rather he leave than hang around and bug me but I usually attempt to be nice and don’t say anything. Most of the time anyway, there have been times that I have lost my temper with him, but anyway I digress. This man is close to 18 years older than I am and he really has no ambition in life. He says he can’t work but I really think it’s more like he won’t work. Whatever he does isn’t my business but I do get upset because he is the type of person that thinks something is owed to him. You would think that someone would be happy to get assistance when they can’t afford things on their own. Not him, he has nothing but negative things to say about everything. They cut his food stamps because he got a raise in disability and he complains about that. He was saying that the government wouldn’t let you get ahead because the more you get the more they take from you. I think he should be grateful to get anything at all. I really think he is capable of working if he just took his medication like he is supposed to. There has to be some type of job he can do, I mean he is great with computers; he mows his parents yard and does the gardening for them. He can drive, he can cook, and he can read. If nothing else, he can work in fast food. His reasoning for not working is that he gets anxiety attacks and he claims that he is not capable of learning new things. Like, when he worked at a factory they wanted to take him off the line he worked and train him to drive a tow motor and instead of doing it, he quit the job. He said that there was no way that he could learn the tow motor and so he didn’t want to try. So maybe he can’t work, maybe his anxiety is too bad, but at least he should stay on his medication and try and if not, then he needs to be happy with the assistance he gets. He was complaining the other night that he was out of food and so he was going to the food pantry to get enough to last until his food stamps came in. Then he started complaining that the last time he went there they didn’t give him anything good. It was mostly all canned foods, some cookies and other stuff that he doesn’t like. They didn’t give him any fresh meat or anything that he really wanted. I told him that he should just be happy to have gotten some free food, why does he have to complain about something that’s free and he said that they should be giving out better food that people actually want to eat, and not a bunch of canned vegetables. I was like, look, if you don’t like what they give you, then get a job and buy your own food. Why complain about a public service that is trying to help you? He just doesn’t get it. The local community center even offers free lunches for people in need and he complains about that too! He said the food wasn’t fit for a dog and they give you such small portions that you can’t even get full on it. I take my kids there in the summer for the free kid’s meals and I think they are actually good. They get a meat, a fruit, a vegetable, a bread and milk. Sometimes they even give them cookies. I guess this guy is always seeing the glass as half empty, I see it as I am lucky I even have a glass in the first place lol.


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