For a new beginning there has to be some goals or important points set i guess. First i started telling myself based on what im used to in the past i cant expect things to get better quickly. It takes time and some things can go wrong too.

Dont be to hard on yourself.

It will only  make you focus more on the bad things. Even if the good thing is just one little thing, try to see that positive side too.


Starting all by yourself can be difficult and the chances of going back are big, thats what ive been doing. So i know i need help and tht i cant do it all alone, I accepted this and im getting some help already; therapist for my depression/anxiety, meds , school counselour and im going to start therapy for my eating disorder too.
This is going to be one looong road. Ill need to make a good planning so that all wont be too much in a week. Like appointments, school, excercise, time for homework and studying etc. You cant overwork yourself too much.

Make a good fitting plan that works for you.

Things i will try to make  will be; Lose some weight , do well in school and keep going to therapy and keep working on my book.
Ill just start with these for now, im sure there is alot more i wanna do but ill get hectic if i put more. Im trying to stay calm and take things as they come one thing at one time.
Ill try to  frequently write blogs and comment on blogs onhere too. Writting makes me feel better.
Well im going to get ready, going to catch a movie then go to college to do some self study and at night im going to a new course they are giving at school specially for people who have fear/anxiety to fail. (I couldnt find the right english word for it).

 Wishing a nice day to everyone.


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