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 …are refreshing.

I'm extremely grateful my mom bought me more eel sushi, she's had to put up with so much lately…

Anyways, now that I have a career set on my mind, I have a reason to get excited.

These days, it's as if studying, video games, and eating is all I have anymore, all I can do. I'm craving smokes to cool my nerves, but I can't get my hands on them anymore. I suppose that should be a good thing, and I should work more on not letting my rage get the best of me.

I just wanted to share some interesting headlines I found at Science Daily…

You know…reading about psychology (esp. in the research field) just gets me so excited, I start going crazy and rambling on and on with a passion about it.



Depression Linked to Altered Activity of Circadian Rhythm Gene


Team Colors on Cans Change Perceptions of Alcohol Risks, Study Finds


Pain Gene Found in Flies, Mice and People May Have Links to Creativity and Synesthesia


Alpha Males Take Greater Risks: Study Links Finger Length to Behavior


Hyper-Texting and Hyper-Networking Linked to Health Risks for Teens


Brain Bleeding Is Common With Aging, Study Finds


Psychologists Identify Influence of Social Interaction on Sensitivity to Physical Pain


Autism Study Reveals How Genetic Changes Rewire the Brain


Fingers Detect Typos Even When Conscious Brain Doesn't


Play With Your Kid, for Their Mental Health's Sake


Ah, reading these just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside…I'm at the innocent, childlike state where anything is possible…and Psychology is my dream…finding more and more about the human mind and human behaviors, that's what I want to do.

Of course, with reality, it'll take a lot of frustrating, hard work to show minimal results…And the pay isn't the best, but….


Alright, sorry D-tribe, this was all.













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