I had a wonderful time today..I brought $80 dollars with me to use on the slot machines..and let me tell you..I didn’t know what to expect today…My boyfriend and I first sat down in Trump Plaza and he put in a $20 bill on a quarter machine..and I was sitting next to him..playing a dollar machine…he won 100 dollars just using a twenty dollar bill..and right after him I won 92 dollars just using a twenty dollar bill…I didn’t even expect to win at all..Mainly because I have it inside of me that I don’t have any luck at all..So I didn’t expect to do good on the machines at all….We decided to just stop completly and not go overboard..because its very easy to use the winning and leave with nothing..So what we did the rest of the day was spend alot of time on the beach and on the board walk…We had alot of fun..He brought his camera and he took pictures of pretty much everything..He didn’t understand why I wanted to spend so much time on the beach..and I told him that it was peaceful..and peace of mind goes a long way..Peace of mind to me is very hard to find..and lately I have been highly stressed aand I really need a day trip like this and to look up at the sky and smell the water and watch the birds fly with no care in the world..:bowl:

We saw this mime on the boardwalk..he was very good..he was able to lift this box and make it look like it was floating in the air..it was too cool..I mean this man had it made..he could also juggle and had a puppet …It was just so much to take in at one time there and it was all positive and relaxing..I always enjoy leaving the city..it bring a wonderful stillness to my soul..

So tell me people..How is your weekend going so far? Also thank you for accepting my invites and/or wanting to me..


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