Okay, okay I’ll write.  I’ve been thinking about life lately, actually been participating in it too.  Working at a daycare.  What I’ve learned so far about how to live is not to totally immerse yourself and not to totally not immerse yourself.  Both are ridiculous.  The former is a rat treadmill, the latter your brain being excommunicated by the TV.  Moreover, choosing either of these options leaves you unresponsible to others.  When your so concerned about picking up to the next speed or slowing down to a whistle you have less energy available to others.  We have to be responsible with our energy.  Of course, the main lesson people forget when helping is to do what they need to do to get their own oxygen mask on first!  And once you’ve got your oxygen mask on evenutually its gonna drag you down (or at least me) if you see everyone dying and you either just sit there or run away from the oxygen-deprived people.  Because were meant to be with others.  Life is about feeling safte, yes.  Not about doubting our abilitiy to help others survive and thrive.  Because if we doubt are ability to help others survive and thrive, implicitly we are doubting our own.  How the heck is the species to continue if there is one woman or one man left and he or she spends the most amount ot time blowing on or slowing down to a whistle while the rest of the species is dying?  This death is physical, yes; but it is also emotional, mental, and spiritual.  People are born with different gifts.  Some find the emotional comes easiest to them, some the mental, and others the spiritual.  It doesn’t matter where you start.  It’s about where you go.  About freedom to shout your name, but also about our obligation to understand other ways of being. 



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