so, as an updateeee

turns out i now added a disorder to my lovely list of anxiety, depression, PTSD, and traits of OCD! turns out i also have bipolar 2. im on limotrigine and it really makes me a more patient, understanding happy person. my bf notices a difference which is great. now, i decided i need to do something for myself… lose weight. im trying to eat better (not going so well. i love food. shoot me.) sooo to help me TRYING to lose weight i added a diet pill (dont worry i researched it, this website that evaluates diet pills approved this as safe and effective) its called Phen375. its my first day of taking it and its also an appetite suppresor, and i can tell u i have so much energy and my appetite is like, gone lol its wonderful i feel like i can run a marathonnnn.

as far as anxiety still goes, as any of us, its always still there, its just calmed down. although, i still hate my bf watching porn and i realized i absolutely HATEEEE him saying other girls are cute/attractive, and i also cant stand him talking about or even metioning he has celeb crushes. i know its harmless and crap but it bothers me sooo much =[ for example, we watched dexter together, and this girl in there he admitted she was a crush of his, and we stopped watching that show all together. idk it feels wierd like what if hes checking out other girls and crap on that show considering soooo many get naked (he looks away) but still =/ idk. im so wierd.

but he understands and luckily things are still great with us. just letting you guys know

1) those who have anxiety and are just now joining the site, ITS OK. help is there if you actually go seek help.

2) Phen375 is a great boost of energy and appetite suppresor.

3) last but not least, im doing ok 🙂

  1. kelleykarmatm 9 years ago

    thanks firefly. i dont want him getting off to other girls. guys like watching that. that is what bothers me XD i dont want him to WANT to get off to another girl, it almost hurts my feelings in a sense. =/

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  2. kelleykarmatm 9 years ago

    and he used to remember the porn stars named he used to watch. they could squirt. i cant. =/ i dont want him getting off to someone else, ontop of that i dont want him getting off to girls doing something i cant even do for him.

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