I'm at home, the rest of my friends r in school, i can't take these problems anymore, i've been bullied for the last school year and i've been racialy abused twice in year 8, and one of my classmates made monkey refrences to me a couple weeks ago and even yesterday it lead to 2 massive arguments in school

1st racism argument

Music, period 6, that classmate had been doing gorrilla and monkey refrences to me as well as singing indian music whenever he was near me, i'm half cast but it was still pretty offencive and to top it all off, he kept on talking about hitler so in that music lesson when i was placed in the same rehersal group as him, he kept on doing what i've mentioned, and since he constantly mentioned hitler, i started calling him a nazi, and after a small argument began, it esculated through the halls and corridoors to one of the other buildings in the school where are last lesson of the week was and after a while of shouting at each other, a teacher shouted at us, i didn't even flinch and simply said "Well, I'm gone" and walked into the Learning Support Department and after about half hour, he came and apolgised on his own accord

the 2nd was similar but this time it was less racism and more nazi refrences and this time that boy threatened to fight me, i just sat there laughing and saying '' quit being a racist'' and at the end of lunch he again apoligised, which is good but racism still can have a big affect in a person weather the person who abused that person says sorry, this is my situation, the bullying is coming to an end, its just the affects of that racial abuse ,how can i get over it without violence?

My parents want to take me out of the school but its in the top 100 schools in England, what do i do, i'm only in year 8? help me plz

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  1. yudith 9 years ago

    Have you concider home school? Its fun and best of all no bullies. It can get a little boring but its worth the try

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