My sister discovered something very concerning on the internet today. It’s made me very paranoid. She was on Google maps, and discovered there is a feature that will show you the house that you entered. She showed me my Nan’s house, and it was as though someone was directly outside of it. She then showed me our address and it was the same thing.


In a world of terrorism and bombings and all that sort of thing, I find this really scary. Someone can look up my address, and know what my house looks like! Then come to my house and kill me or something. I’m really freaking out about this.


I don’t understand how Google can allow this? It’s a complete invasion of privacy. I have never been a conspiracy theorist or anything like that, but geez this is beyond a joke!! Even Google earth doesn’t zoom in that close. They must have people going around in Google cars, taking pictures of everyone’s house! UNBELIEVABLE.


How do we know we aren’t being watched? Those geeks at Google could know soo much about us. What our houses look like, what we look at on the internet. I feel very violated, and scared.


I never considered myself a paranoid person until now.


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