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I find myself filled with love and joy just overflowing.  I can look at what life has dealt too me and say Haleluia.  For everything is presented just as I would have it; All the negative is there too show me what I don’t want and all the positive is there to show me what I do want.

However, considering the nature of my circumstances within this dream is not what brings the Joy and Love too overflowing.  Instead it’s the promise that God has provided me for everlasting and unimaginable life eternal.

I’m challenged by finances, relationships, and chemicals.  The finances are just a matter of looking at what it is that I really need and knowing my needs are met anything else is a bonus; Unfortuantely there are no bonuses to speak of at this time.  I have some serious debt issues building up with family and friends and this bothers me too know end but what can I do but let them know I will pay them when my ship comes in.  I sense my ship is about too dock if I can keep my attitude up and my thoughts in their right place of forgiveness and love.

The relationships that challenge me are the greatest gifts I recieve in this life.  For they (relationships) are there to help heal my inner child of God so that I can see who I truly am.  I treasure every encounter with another as best I know how and usually coming from a place of peace and love is all that is needed for real healing to occur.  For thru and in my brother is  my salvation.

Now chemicals have been a real buggaboo in my life of late.  Canabis and medications that I really don’t need to be injesting are altering my ability too experience life more fully.  I am on day 5 of no canabis and I am slowly weaning myself off of my medications.  The canabis was gradually numbing me too my emotional state and not helping with a precondition of depression.  The medication that I have been taking rather consistently over the last 10 years are now on their way out of my life…These meds were causing panic attacks too occur due too masking of symptoms that need self expression in order for the body too function properly.  Too this point, the meds seemingly are going by the way-side without much loss of equilibrium…I should be completely free by the end of April…

I thank you Lord God and heavonly father for these new awarenesses and for this opportunity too re-evlaluate my life and for the chance to turn a corner with my healing of self and soul.


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  1. suelo 13 years ago

    im wishing you well on your journey and well done for quitting the weed, take care sue xx

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