I\'ve decided to use my tendencies toward stubborness to my advantage. I am going to focus on the positives in my life, and use the power behind that to ignore the negative. This list is doing just that: ignoring the negative aspects and only mentioning the good stuff. Nearly everything on here can be turned into a negative if I CHOOSE… so I\'m choosing differently now. Those negatives are assholes anyway, so why bother with them?? 😉


My running list of things I\'m grateful for…


– sweet innocence of children, with their big eyes and honest curiosity

– my caring, amazing friend who gives kindness & support endlessly

– the random and heartwarming chat with a lovely veteran

– holding a baby today & making her smile

– connecting with a lonely senior and having both of our days brightened

– being told about a great source of inspirational images that stir my heart

– my shoulder is feeling pretty good today

– having a job that makes me smile daily (the kids)

– family that cares about me & my safety

– the sun on my face

– breathing fresh air out in nature

– for allowing myself to see the mystery of life.. I\'m excited to find out how I will choose to use my current regrets as my stepping stones

– the skills I\'ve gained by running my business full time

– my friend\'s laugh

– tiny little boy who sat down super close beside me to talk about toys, despite not knowing me at all

– the warmth I feel from the kids\' parents

– my (generally) incessant curiosity & positivity

– going to bed relatively early

– seeing my dad today

– being able to see the positive today after being sideswiped with one of my greatest fears of the moment

– using that fear to propel myself

– my new juicer!

– making juicing into a daily aspect of my life

– the little 1 yr old I don\'t know seeking me out to grab my finger, so I could walk with her. adorable.

– my car – it\'s always worked so well for me

– being reminded of an old acquaintance today (physiotherapist) who I shared many great chats with & who encouraged me while I started my business

– the way I can get so easily choked up by beautiful moments/connections. I get that from my Mom and even just acknowledging that makes me tear up and smile.

– that I\'ve gone two weeks today as a non-smoker – and I haven\'t even really bitched about it that much!

– for the serendipity of life and the paths I\'m presented daily. Life really is an adventure when I choose to see that.

– for having lots of fresh clean water to drink

… to be continued…

  1. Onceuponatime 9 years ago

    love the positiveness ! stay strong!

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  2. ughreally 9 years ago

    Glad to hear you have so many positives. 🙂 You\'re right about kids. Not that I am biased. lol

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