Today, I was pushed over the edge once again by the, lets call them demons cause that’s what they are to me. I was just trying to get my work done and  i was once again being harrased because I had to take a fucking test cause I wasn’t going to be there when it is going to happen. I was told that I shouldn’t cheat on it even though I actually knew the material and I was good in this class. Then, when I got home I tried to talk to my mother about starting cross country over the summer to help me with swim, but she didn’t think it was a good idea since I don’t have my license and wouldn’t even let me try to talk about theater camp. Sometimes, if this happened I get really overwelmed and I have to just be by myself for a period of time to get back to a safe place and calm down. When I finally started to calm down, my mom came in and started to overwelm me again and then she got my grandparents involved with the demons at school, and I honestly don’t want to be there anymore. The school is such a bad environment for someone like me and a lot of other people agree with me, that and a lot of my friends are actually leaving me there and i feel kind of abandoned at this point. It honestly sucks that I can’t leave because my only other option is a school that doesn’t care if you live or die, just as long as you pass the MAP test to make them look good, but that’s another story for another time. I just hope this group can help me cope with my struggles and maybe help me keep my sanity.


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