I think I've pissed some people off AGAIN! Why can't I do or say anything without either 1) Getting judged or made fun of or 2) Pissing people off!! I don't want to say where I pissed people off, but it was on a blog on a certain site. I try to voice MY opinion things about ME because that's what these are for, but then I always make people hate me. Making people laugh AT me, JUDGE me and HATE me, those are the only 3 things I am good at. It's obvious. I have NO fucken friends, except for one that I rarely see and she puts me down too. I have no no no chance at EVER having a boyfriend again. TO top it all off I am now a FAT DRUNK. How attractive. No one is gonna want some OLD FAT DRUNK LADY. And that is me. So I can just forget about ever having anyone to love me. I am unlovable and disgusting. I make myself want to puke. It's funny how much alcohol I've consumed over the last month, sooo much and even more than usual, yet I don't even puke because I'm always eating. Too busy going in to come out, I guess,, hahha. Very funny. Well tonight I'm in a horrible mood because I'm out of rum. I finished the bottle this afternoon and now I have no alcohol and I need it to even feel a little bit normal, never mind good, just normal. I need to drink to not feel anxious or sad. Sober for me = anxious and sad. Get it? I used to just drink like a normal person, on weekends and holidays. Now I need it just to survive, just to get through the day. Just so I don't feel anxious and sad..

So that's how I became a fat drunk lady. I guess it's not much of a story, it's boring and pathetic just like I am.


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