Before you read this if you are in AA or a similar program please DO NOT be offended. My rant is about ME, and how those programs do not work for ME. I respect others who use those programs and have had success…

I can't stand being fat anymore. I cant' stand hating myself. I shouldn't even be on this site because the ppl here want help and they get help, I don't want help. I just can't stop eating and drinking. I can't stop and I don't want to go for help. What kind of horrible place takes away the only things that give you any pleasure? AA sounds like the worst place on Earth. It makes you an outcast from society. They don't let you drink ever? What about on NEW YEARS? I am seriously baffled by a program that takes away drinking entirely. The whole idea to me is to drink IN MODERATION. If there is a program that teaches you how to do that and it works… SIGN ME UP! I want to drink like a normal, happy person, not like an alcoholic. AND I sure as HELL do not want to stop drinking entirely.

What about Overeater's anonymous? Do they say you can never EAT again? No, cuz you'd die. And how about those 12 steps for ppl with sex addiction, do they say you can never have sex again?

So why does AA say no more drinking ever? That's lame and ludicris and it stops people like me from getting any kind of help because it scares us away.

I personally know 2 ppl who went to AA and they drink still. But they drink in moderation. So perhaps they found a way to get help without listening to the ridiculousness of "never drinking again". I'm not sure what those people are thinking but I'm sure they dont' tell their sponsors.

In AA if you drink at all you FAILED. That's not a good way to teach someone to get help. I don't know about overeaters anonymous, but I have a feeling that a french fry past your lips also equals failure.

One last thing I want to say is that if AA helps some people, God Speed. It's just not for me. I need something that will make me see that I can have a life and don't need to hide away from the world with a bottle and a bag of potato chips. I need people who are REAL FRIENDS who love me so I don't want to kill myself. I need MOTIVATION to stop guzzling booze whenever I can, to stop eating everything in site and to START working my fat ass off at the gym.

No one and nothing motivates me. There's no reason to stop being a fat drunk. There just isn't. No one loves me or really cares. I have not gota lot of reason to live period. So I just can't give up the few things that make me happy eventhough they make me worse.


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