Well as some of you are aware of  the accident at the grocery store. To be honest with you I only believe that to be true neglegance on the stores part, they had to have known it was there and did nothing about it and that makes absolutely no sense to me. That could cost an employee his job and not only cause suffering for the employee but with todays economy be completely devestating to his family as well. I agree with X that the doctor was out of place in giving legal advice. When the manager apologized I could see in his face that he was sincere. Some people look at these situations as"their lucky day" I am not one of those people. I am an honest and sincere woman and I am very proud of myself for having those qualities as a person. They got the mess cleaned up and Everything checked out ok at the hospital. And Wiz I totally understand what you are saying about watching where you are walking and /I wasn't but heck I was at the grocery store and when I walk down the aisle I don't look down Usually I am looking up and on the shelves, but lesson learned look where I am walking. I am the type of person who tells it like it is, don't hold back, Sometimes tjis quality in me really bothers and at times embarrasses my kids. It was plain and simple, I was walking my feet slipped from under me fell flat on my ass, looked down and I was sitting in pink yogurt. My foot was gashed open but I didn't notice till I looked down at the manager station and saw lots of blood. Everything in my body started hurting but hey I am heavy and I landed pretty hard. My baby is ok, my foot stll hurts a bit and my neck and head hurt where my head and neck meet. Other than that I am fine.

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    Loki 12 years ago

    Glad to hear that ypu and your baby are alright !  I know that you aren't trying to milk the situation for cash BUT I hope that the whole thing was documented in case you have any health repurcussions a bit later on…I was hit by a drunk driver while in a crosswalk about 15 years ago and I refused to let the ambulance driver take me to the hosipial….the next morning I could barely move because of all the soft tissue damage…I'm just saying, that even though it pays to be honest, the store is still responsible for your medical bills…

    Again, I'm glad that you are alright!!!

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    Apple71 12 years ago

    Thanks guys! Your input is always appreciated!

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