well it's Tuesday afternoon, so i will be getting ready for group therapy tonight at 6 p.m.. it's really the only socialization i have these days…other than my new found angel on line on this site, which provided me a great relief from my loneliness last night. as always i hope she got as much out of our im chat as i did. it's great to know someone is there to talk to at the loneliness times of the night.
i have been going to group for about a year now and it is somewhat of a relief to share with others there. it also reminds me that there are a lot of people with problems out there…i am not just the only one with issues that need to be address in this journey we call life.
we have a lot of different personalities in group from the "know it all" to the novice. there are usually a dozen of people who attend every week and if more show up we split into two groups so everyone gets time to share.
most of the people are nice but you always get people acting like a ass whole from time to time. everyone's issues are important to them even if they seem small to others.
it's rewarding to give advise as well as receiving it from others… i know because i came a long way since my first day there…it took me a year to be convinced to attend by my therapist i see monthly. group meets every Tuesday and i need the extra support. i am a work in progress.
at first i did not want to be judge by others or want to put my depression out there for everyone to see. but people at group do not judge and sharing has become easier. there are still things i only share with my therapist (and now my angel) because i do not want to seem "weak" to the general public. i need a level of confidentiality in order to talk about certain things and i get that from my monthly one on one session with my therapist or my angel on this site.
so that is the start of my first blog about my group therapy…..

does any one else here attend group therapy?


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