I was having a conversation with a coworker on how my place of employment is not pro-military. I have been in the military for 11 years. In that time I’ve seen a country unite under the tragedy of 911 and then take a 180 degree turn to what it is now. Military service used to be something folk were proud o put on their resume. Now most military job searchers have to resumes one with their service on it and one resume without. I never thought I would hide my military service hoping that employers would not find out until after I was hired.

Employers think that you will be deployed and they will have to hold your job for you. Instead of the military service being desired by employers it is now undesirable. The new question for service members is when are you getting deployed? It’s not your qualification, motivation, or abilities. My statement is National Guard and Reservists got eat too. We have bills to pay and families to feed. If folks really want to welcome back the troops instead of throwing a party hook them up with a good paying job.

For the longest time joining the military has been a way for people to go to school, get job, training, and escapes the environment which might otherwise contribute to their demise. I still see young men and women with aspirations to do better for themselves and their family. For those who are not fans of the military I say this would you rather have these folks robbing, killing, selling drugs, unemployed, pregnant, etc or have them to something constructive with their lives. The military is not the best option for everyone but I don’t think folks who have never served should have negative comments. If folks want to get angry, get angry with the politician who send us to war, not the soldier who serves.



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