lately i have been having horrible dreams that somewhat intrigue me and scare the hell out of me at the same time. i keep having this one recurring dream well for at leaste the last five to six pushed around by people over and over again i try to stand my ground but nothing i get beat up over and over then i snap. i gain this black and red auro around me. i feel this evil in me so great that i cant contain or controll it at all. after this explosion of hate and evil. i have a long double bladed sword in my left hand and a big silver pistol in my other. i go about killing all those who apposed and humilated me. those whom wronged me years ago and minutes ago. the worst part is ive grown found of this dream it gives me pleasure and satisfaction. i know its suppose to be a dream but why does it recur and for five years now? im beginning to think hope is lost.

I have different dreams and all so realistic these days. and not any of a sexual nature all are suffering and pain. a few nights back i dreamt about cutting my wrist again and succeeding where i failed so many times… i woke up heart pounding, i could barely breath, my arm hurt like hell where i dreamt i cut my wrist. i just layed there in bed not really able to move. i know it sounds crazy but i dreamt that my parents would divorce within a year. about four years back and they did. i dreamt that my ex-fiance would sleep with another guy and forsake myand her promise not to have sex or to cheat on each other and she did. now most of my dreams come true and i just dont know if its helpfull or harmfull. ive taught myself not to dream but as you can imagine its not that easy. dreams will always happen. but mine and i suspect others dreams are also so realistic as mine sometime. i did wake up once where i dreamt that i fell and cut my knee and well what do you know. as i woke up there was a cut that wasnt there before i went to bed and i dont sleep walk.. does anyone know how to get rid of these dreams or at least stop them and the dark figures that are also present in most of my dreams. the ones that make me even fear for my life. the ones that make me sweat and make me out of breath when i wake up?


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