We are called By: Larissa Comunale

God is the King,

We are the servant.

We are to stand by His side,

and never desert Him.

We are to spread His word,

and evangilize.

Not only just kneal at your bed,

and close your eyes.

We are to strive to be like Him,

and follow His commands.

Not to do as we please,

for this He demands.

We are to watch our tounge,

and not to swear.

and not give in to society,

and no longer care.

We are not to discriminate,

but to be kind to one another.

all your sisters

cousins and brothers.

We are to thank Him,

His name we will praise


for the rest of our days

We are to remember Jesus

and the cross

and know we are forgiven

each and everyone of us.

We are to remember

not to follow the worlds ways

but to follow our Father

who we will be with after our days.

We are to be a living example

for all theones who dont believe

to show them Gods greatness

and the life they can achieve.

we are to read His word

His precious book

and use it as a map

for the way our lives should look.

we are to do as we say

not be a hipocrate

because when it comes to God,

He can see streight through it.

Their are many things

God calls us to do

but for our grecious maker

they just seem as a few.

Lord, we love you, saviour, redeemer, and friend,

and all Gods people, said Amen.

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  1. maybecrazy 9 years ago

    Madhatter: Thank you so much for the comment! It definetly made me smile 🙂
    blackwings:No i havent. I dontnormally do much poetry

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