Hi my name is Angie, just want to share my story. Since I was 5 yrs old my mom passed away ever since like any one misses their mom and needs her in her life. My dadremarried after a year he hurt me so much because the stepmom he picked wasn't ever nice to me I would find her in my room going threw my things she will talk bad about my mom she didn't respect my mom things. So I decided to stay quite not tell my dad because I know deep inside he was suffering still I was scared to loose him as well, I was always so quite so I use to spend most of the time with my brother he was married and look out for me too. Me and my two older brothers love my mom very much, my dad started changing what I mean changing it was cause of his actions, before my mom died my dad had 3 houses so everyone told my father if he was marrying my stepmom he has to start from scratch those houses are ment for us cause it was my moms hard work, my stepmom said ok but nothing sign bigmistake! Now my dad lost one house and sold one so heartbreaking we obviously want to keep one special house that my mom build exactly how she wanted it. As memory me and my brothers tried buying it off from my dad he didn't want too. My dad now has 2 kids with my stepmom is like all she wanted was to get rid off us away from my dad life. We can't do nothing about my dads action he hurt me so much from not respecting my mom things is like he is in his own family now and forgets that were here and I always need of his love but it hurts so bad I feel like my dad would be just fine if I walk away out his life. The only thing I have control over is my moms grave I just wish she would of never left me I feel so alone I cry every night for her, I pray to God to help me with the pain I feeling. Is so hard for me just open myself and tell how I'm feeling. I am married my husband supports me in what he can we met young and if it wasn't for him I don't know what would of happen to me.., I needed to leave my house I couldn't stand my stepmom going through my stuff always trying to find a reason so my dad would punish me and be dissapointed in me., how I wish this pain in my heart would go away, I'm scare my husband would get tire of me and leave me 😔I feel like life is so unfair with me. I'm so lost… In pain.


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