I heard about this forum today in group therapy(which I failed at) and thought I would try to say the quiet things out loud. I have bipolar 2 disorder and it is no longer under control. I started an IOP and after 3 sessions got moved to PHP. I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to keep fighting with myself and keep having to try every day to get up and be a functional person. I don’t even care if I wake up in the morning. It seems as though none of it makes a difference. The counselors tell me that there is a way out and I just need to keep trying to find it. That eventually I will. That eventually I can help myself be better. But I don’t want to try anymore. I’m tired.

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  1. brettlea94 1 month ago

    Hey there no one has to be anything else but who they are. The counselor and mental health professionals are accurate in saying that almost anyone can improve their lives. Start with small wins on a day to day basis. Try opening up to the idea of mindfulness and meditation. Both are excellent techniques to relax the body and calm the mind. One thing I love about mindfulness is just being. Not being anything, just being. It is an amazing thing to just “be” sometimes. Keep your head up and focus on small goals/ wins.

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