Just in case you didn't realize, it's perfectly okay to have fun. We don't have to be steeped in misery to get through each day. As soon as a nasty unpleasant thought creeps in, even first thing when you wake up, send that thing on its way. It's just a stupid thought, and you don't need to dwell in all the implications or figure out all the angles. Let that silliness go. Easy breezy.

Then you can re-focus into something better. You can be ever so selfish if you dare… What would please you most for this time, this day.. No matter what you are facing, or what appointments are in your schedule, you are still in control. You do not have strings and no one is pullling them. You are making decisions, however difficult it may seem. You practice anything, it gets easier. Get some kind of personal plan that benefits you directly, on any and all levels, then pursue it. You'll be surprised how much better things begin to look, right away.

Little things begin to add up. If you've done enough work for one day, call it and go do something totally wonderful. I find the best things are free. The best things have to do with new skills you wish to acquire and things upon which you wish to practice. If you let yourself be distracted by the complications of modern life, you will miss out on a lot of good things. Strike the bargain with yourself and see how you do.

Life has a way of morphing in front of your very eyes. Why not be involved in that process? Things are always going to change, anticipating those changes doesn't really help much. It's a lot more fun to just jump in with all four and start swimming again. It really is!


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