It's just really, really hot. And I feel totally cooped up inside, for far too long… It's 3 pm. -central Texas time. So I know it is NOT the time to go outside now. I saw a video recently outlining the reasons why modern humans don't seem to fit right… that is, here on Earth. Like sunburn, for one thing, but even horses and dogs can get sunburned… One time in 1992 I read a book whereby the lady said that she was the voice of ET's and we were all part of a huge science experiment, parts and pieces coming from all over… it was incredulous. But now, not so much. I always thought about great magnificent domes, designed for the ultimate in living experience, to protect and preserve the best life here on the planet. But more than that, people seem to have gone underground, in fact you hear a lot lately about all the privileged heading out, bugging out, going to the mountains like a great migration, I guess… lol.  I don't really care. When it gets to be so bizarre? I'm just saying… it's hot. Finally we have an honest summer day. I'm just so much older now! One of my pals on facebook posted a video of an 84 yr. old guy doing 18 pull-ups and I decided right there that something had to be done… I may have to become a vampire that wakes with the sunset and runs with her pack at night, or maybe I'll rise before sunrise, get ahead of each day… and then hibernate early each day, tucked away safe from the bad sun… This is the sun that burns the plants, even the trees. Gets the ground so hot that anything still alive will not flower, and they eventually just wither away. Watering the sand doesn't help because it evaps so fast. Spent a fortune amending the soils and yet it's never enough. The outlying sand is an ocean that has once again taken over every inch, with this spring rains constant for days even months… So here we go. Instead of letting it zap me, I'm going to gear up and face off with this great force. Also seen a lot of videos about sungazing and how it is humans were first able to live here. They say you don't even have to eat! That would be a good thing to know if the bankers decide to shut 'er down… Even my cat Arnie doesn't want to go out there. We're all hold up in one room, in the back, AC on, windows shaded. I'm about to get out my notebook and start on some new designs for a new business I've suddenly just SLaMmeD right into! Why I didn't think of this idea before… ? Well maybe I can incorporate something "hot-related" into it. Like make some with a tropical theme. 🙂 You could have island paradise theme. Or rainforest jungle afternoon rain theme… With things going on like this, I think I'd like to live in one of those famous road-side Underground Caverns, even something like Carlsbad wouldn't be too bad… Remember Mesa Verde? Those folks lived in the side of a rock cliff shaded from the worst of the sun with an entire peaceful valley at their feet including clear running stream. That sounds like a really good place to be. But for now, for this moment, it's hot. Within mere seconds my skin begins to feel it. Now I know why old ladies sometimes wear hats.


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