Here is another sheet that my therapist gave me…

*Healthy Self-Talk

Practicing healhty self-talk is an alternative to giving ourselves distorted negative messages.If you are experiencing "negative" feelings,check what negative messages you are giving yourself regarding your situation.Check out your own self-talk–perhaps it is a cognitive distortion,which does not get at the total picture.Ask yourself if you would give a good friend who is experiencing a similar situation the same message you are giving yourself.If not,consider giving yourself the message you would give your friend.Try it.Practice healthy self-talk.

Examples of healthy self-talk:

  • Like everyone else,I am a fallible person and at times will make mistakes.I will learn from my mistake.
  • I am doing the best I can,given my personal history and my current level of awareness.
  • This too shall pass and my life will be better.
  • It is O.K. to let myself be distressed for a while.
  • I am not helpless.I can and will take steps to get through this crisis.
  • I am a worthy and good person.
  • I will view this as an opportunity instead of a threat.I will learn something new from this exprience.
  • I can stand anything for a time.I will choose to take care of myself no matter what happens.
  • My past does not control my future.
  • I am not responsible for the feelings or behaviour of others;nor am I responsible to make them okay.
  • Others are not perfect,nor will I expect them to be. I am also not perfect.
  • I do not have to be perfect to be loved or worthy.
  • I cannot control the behaviour of others;I can only control my own behaviour.
  •  I cannot change the past.I can only change how I perceive the past.
  • Take one step at a time.Take on day at a time.
  • What is, is.
  • I am respectful of others and I deserve respect from others.
  • I choose to be optimistic and work through difficulties in a hopeful way.
  • I choose to be a good friend to myself.
  • I refuse to participate in my own internal negative self-talk.
  • I can learn to recognize and stop my negative self-talk.Beating myself up with negative self-talk accomplishes little.

One Step At A Time – Jordin Sparks


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