Sometimes i sit and wonder whats the meaning of life , like whats the purpose of being here. I see people going about their business everyday , And honestly no of them look really happy , i look around i jus see everyone trapped in this cycle or game , everyone's just doing this or that because thats whats right in the eyes of society. Everyone's just trying to fit in. To find a place where they belong. I see students in my college jus talk about partying and drinking, people who dont even drink saying they drink just to find a friend and those people who do drink are sometimes even more fucked up than those poor sad souls who are loss , the only difference is that they're okay being "fucked up". I look at society and see everyone so obsseesd with the latest fashion media. latest songs ,the latest gossip and which actor or singer is breaking up with their boyfriend or girlfriend and got the whole worldtweeting and retweeting about completely irrelevant things. And sometimes it just amazes me how much influence and control these medias have over our lives and we just dont know it , because we're brainwashed since we're small. Society set the standards of what is happiness , successs and "cool". Society tells you who you should be and i think that's all fucked up. And the reasons many of us are so lost is because we're different and we just dont fit in to the standards that society has set up so we feel sad well i'm here to say fuck the standards , why should we sumbit ourselves to their standards , why should we conform to their rules . They're not the ones that are feeling miserable we are because we think we're lost but truly we're not lost we're jus different and thats what we have to realise and own it with all our heart. I believe man is his own star and man should take himself for better or for worse. I believe there's nothing more sacred than the integrity of your own mind, so you have get to courage stand up say fuck it f you believe the culture isnt working for you and if so create your own culture. Live wholly from within and never give in


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