So I know I havent been around in a long time, a lot has been goin on.  For those of you I haven't talked to before, I've been diagnosed with GAD SAD Depression and a little bit of OCD which I fear is getting worse. As for whats been going on physically, I just finished my physical therapy this last week after my crash back in October, I still get pains and crap with my neck but i can function for the most part. My best friend's doing alright, his chemotherapy is working and his lungs havent been doing tooooo bad lately, just a little while ago he had to go to the doctor but otherwise he's graduating from med school this june! just proves that you can do anything if you want it bad enough. another medical miracle and sad even happened.. because of all the meds he takes the chances of him being fertile and actually having children were slim to none. and most people with his condition are infertile. well about four months ago his gf got preggers with his child. about three months after that he actually heard the heartbeat and got excited about it. and two days after that she had a miscarriage.. on another note, my neighbors who threaened to kill us countless times moved away. they got evicted, we called code enforcement on them too many times. 🙂 another thing happened. the reason we moved here to the island was because my mom got a promotion, well lately her employees have been acting up so to speak. and she quit a month ago. she still works for the same people etc just back to her old position, yesterday was her last official day as supervisor and today one of her former employees called her a backstabbing b1t6h to her friend. anyways, we're moving back to our old house about two hours away from here near the end of may so i'll be disappearing again around then.. not sure how often i'll be on here i have so much going on. If anyone needs to talk to me my screename on AIM that's open is astormfairy  and on Yahoo!Instant Messenger its lokilovesliz and for MSN its [email protected] just make sure you tell me who you are etc or i'll end up blocking ya 😛 

now as for my anxiety.. some of you may remember me going off my meds cold turkey back in january, first of all, let me just advise anyone who read this far that going cold turkey is NOT the answer. and second of all, I've been off of my meds since i went cold turkey, however the anxiety is still just as bad as before. i have to admit i have snuck 3 klonopin when things got bad, but they were my last three 🙁 i took the last one yesterday and i'm feelin the consequences today, i never thought i could crave a pill so much, its kinda scarey. anyways i love ya'll <3 take care till next time i see ya.


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