Hi loves, well I have bad and good news.

Bad ones: We lost Jimmy C and Shelly. You can light a candle for them at: www.candlelightmemorial.org/

I sued my ex work, 20 years of love, threw because someone didn's like cripples. The good new is that I'm walking again, the bones are still fragile, but they gave me Lyrica to ease the pain so I'm not in bed anymore, lost 6 pounds and tomorrow to excercise the leg again.

We are selling the old house 1 million bucks, my youngest brother needs a rest from us. With my money I'll buy 2 appartments in a tourist area and rent them for night, week or months to people who are coming as journalists, chefs, etc. Peru now is the Meca of tourist we have Machu Picchu, Colca and the Amazon River as new 7 modern wonders. I'm sad because of the old house it's huge and 4 generations of us were born and raised there. It was painted and photographed by so many artists a very beautiful colonial house. But my youngest brother needs to get married, the oldest is Down and needs to survive. And I need to work and a new bussines, I'm tired of working for others and the worst a placed I loved so much hurts me in this way.

It will take months until the house is sold, the last tenants made all the trees and flowers die, there's nothing left of those beautiful gazebos I used to play in when I was a child .

Please cross your finger so my ex work give me the 20 hundred bucks they owe me so I can go to Panama and buy my merchandise and pay all the credit cards. Make Voodoo, Reiki, anything, those bastards need to pay

If my grammar and typos seem weird remenber I lost almost all my lef eye's sight. But still I registered in a national contest to represend a Qquero

But mine is going to be mother earth with all peruvian flowers in a womans shape…. needs a lot of research and design, but 100 grand and making me known as a plastic artist woths it.

Next , I'll go back to the island (Cuba), last time on 2003 a friend of mine was working in the HIV Vaccine and he used it, he had fever a swallow arm but nothing more. So I need how far did he get in his investigation.

LOL,. Remenber my first husband the cuban lawyer? He's in Valencia teaching, lol, the damm revolutionary commie……, made me laugh.

But also… I'm writting a book, I told one of my best friends how I was inffected and all and she works at the ICAIJ and Casa de las Americas and she wants to publish it, her husband is also a film director (one of those guys with a huge resume of awards, in Europe of course). So Laurel will be me, lol.

Look a place I found:

It's in colonial Barranco, only 168,000 USD my plan is to work with my architects cousin and nephews, because it's a huge loft with a huge patio. My plan is to turn the frontlike this:

With a subterranean garage, second and third floors will have terraces that would keep them away from the soutdoor sight, streght the structures so it can be a 5 floor building, make a subtle door for the tenants in 2nd and 3rd floors. The rent would be 30USD a day for room, 200 USD for month, 3 rooms for floor (each floor with a small kitchen, fridge, microvawe) and a living room, I know a place wher you can find treasures of republican furniture they sell as garbage, of course little Carpenter Gigi will have enough space to work with the furniture or just buy new cheap one and make them look old old. Make some decorative paintings (1 day per painting, surreal ones, that my cat can even paint, she's a master) All room, furniture, wall, ceramics restauration or olding painting: Gigi's handwork.

My nephew would take care of the structures, planning and design of the building. We'll use concrete (remenber Lima's earthquakes are about 5 and more degrees) the first windows will be normal, curtains brought from Panama (Hindu ones that cost…….. 20 dollars each they are handmade)

My first floor would have my bedroom, a studio for my books, embroidery, a workshop for wood, white flagstone. A very small kitchen and a living and dining.

Patio will be in 3 levels, with a gazebo and a green house.

Of course at the begining all will be pine cheap furniture, but as soon the gringo's payment would be to impove the house, again Gigi's work.

For selling the merchandise some tea partie's to my school, college, artists friends and voilá my curtains, and cute stuff, bought in less than 20 dollars and sold in 60


  1. Gigi 11 years ago

    Hey for Tribers the room is only 10 bucks, if the guy is cute a kiss kiss for Gigi each hour and freeeeeeee, of course the first thing to buy is a big Laundry Machine

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  2. Gigi 11 years ago

    I told my neighbors I was going to Panama City to bring stuff and they started making their lists, for you Mark the rent is 10 bucks with services (of the tenant of course )


    Nobody said a word about  my designs… :oP


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