he was there. like always. “Do you know what its like?”

always there. always watching. “would you dare try and fight?”

its taunting its turning, my ears are now burning.

My freckles are speckles, like stars in the sky.

but of course, you don’t see him. My love, oh, my dear.

for he cradles me close, in all times of fear.

he loves me so, he told me so. he told me so. he told me so. he told me so.

he told me so, right?

or was it all in my head..?

he says that he loves me, then leaves me half dead.

I’ve got scars and I’ve got bruises, his precious little marks.

he says that he loves me, yet we lost all the sparks.

My sweet sweet Callum, my boy, and my love.

I hold him so close; so high above.

But dear I still fear, one thing is not clear.

why does he only appear, when my sanity’s not here?


note: Callum, I love you. I love you so much. But I’m afraid you’re too obsessed. You’re way too obsessed. The bruises are my own, and all you do is stop me and hold me, but I’m afraid my mind is giving way. I’m healthier now and I may have to leave you behind. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Callum.


(lol I could format this much better, but I got lazy… also, have you pieced it together yet? anyway, stay tuned for more.)

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  1. jblitz59 6 months ago

    Obsessive love that you find is not serving your values and does more harm than good…

    Now that you see it you can’t unsee a certain truth you discovered about your love. You also feel bittersweet about it

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