All of these politics are getting on my nerves. It hasn’t even happened yet and already …I’m sick of this crap. None of these people really jump out at me as someone I’d be willing to put my name behind. I do think voting is important and its our constitutional right. I think that especially as a woman, because we haven’t always been able to do it that I should honor the privledge and make sure that my opinions are conveyed. It’s all a popularity contest really. Part of this is probably my own fault because I’ve not really read up on any of the candidates. But before when I voted…like in the primaries I knew that I wanted Dean in. Although he didn’t, it was Kerry. I didn’t think Kerry was a good candidate but he sure the hell was better then Bush. So from my viewpoint we’ve got Obama, the new kid. Looking to change the world by his innovative thoughts that could end up just getting us in trouble. Clinton, the only woman with testicals I think. Who is probably the best choice but still find her a little brash and not really someone I can feel I trust. And those are the only 2 I really know anything about on the democrat side. On the republican side all I know is that Romney is a mormon who says that his religion will not have anything to do w/ his leadership. I find that a crock. McCain while he does agree w/ same sex marriage doesn’t agree that it’s the woman’s right to choose what happens to her body when it comes to birthing and reproductive rights. Then we have Huckabee who flat out has said that his faith rules his life. So we know for sure that his religion is going to be making the decisions. So u can rule out gay marriages, abortion rights, etc etc.


I just feel like none of these people are really someone I can put my faith in and let them decide the future for me. 4 years dedicated to a person that I may not even feel is the best person for the job, just the lesser of two evils. That’s not how it should be in my opinion. L

  1. RecycleYourself 15 years ago

    i agree.

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  2. CeruleanKisses 15 years ago

    The worst part is the caucuses… a few states get to narrow it down for the rest of us.  Even if I knew exactly who I liked, it doesn't matter until someone else chooses who will lead up each political party.

    Honestly… for me voting is always the lesser of two evils.  Once it all boils down to it no one gets exactly what they want in the leaders that are going to win. 

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