ok well i guess first thing first i just want to say im sorry but i dont feel safe anymore here or anywhere as a matter of fact i truly feel like im b n threat nd and the pic u posted u with a gun really just did it for me u know who u r and u know your scare n a female to the point of her cry n i think thats messed up and the last part she effed up really i think im b n threatend and i seriously am scared i dont want anything to do with this place anymore for fear i might run into u or anything im truely scared and cry n right now and i really hope u feel like a man…….. i came to these sites to get support and give it i think i was a good friend to u but u overflowed me with your prblems and made me feel guilty to the point where i felt like crap cuz i couldnt do anything for u and once we solved our missunderstandings there was anouther right away i just cant deal with all the drama and now this is just really over the top and to b honest terrible im sorry we couldnt get along but not everyone can and im sorry that u felt your family was threatend but right here right now i truly feel like u r threating my life and im scared i dont know what to do but i think it would b wise to leave this place intirely i will miss all my dear friends here who have really helped me out through the hardest times in my life so far this really is a sad day for me and i think i might have to talk to the police or something because i really dont feel safe at all not even in my own home and this isnt even from a phone call so if u want to contact me any friends ive had here or would like to talk to me im still in skype and its katyellis76 please feel free to talk to me but i would like to apoligse that im not strong enough nor want to deal with this kind of thing i think threating women is a truly hateful a low thing and i hope u have a nice life………… Good bye everyone thank u agian – katelyn –

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  1. stressedtothemax 13 years ago

    katelyn-i am new to anxiety tribe and it saddened me to read your blog. i have no idea what all happened to you on here-but i wanted you to know that there is someone very new to here that cares for you. you will be in my thoughts-take care-

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