I"m so beyond frustrated & irritated & its only Wednesday , Monday & Tuesday hubby has been nice enough to help his twin brother Jason at an out of town job in East Flat Rock NC sealing DriveWays , my poor husband has gotten up at 3am to eat breakfast , then goes back to bed, then gets back up at 5:10am gets all this stuff packed & leaves to make the 45 minute Drive to the Job site , my husband has worked his butt of Monday & Tuesday from Sun up to Sun down , bless his heart he drove back Tuesay night after he had taken his medication 6pm , he didn't get home until almost 10pm , by the time he got home, ate a late dinner , took a bath , he was so damn tired he couldn't even go to his mental health group the next day , poor man had to sleep in yesterday morning . Jason hubby's twin brother doesn't understand hubby's medication has to be taken at the same time every night & with hubby taking Latuda hubby has to eat a meal that is at least 350 calories , so that the medication absorbs better N his body & works better , if hubby doesn't eat a meal that is at least 300 to 350 calories , the latuda will mess his stomach up . Jason also has no respect for the fact that hubby can't go on 5 hours sleep , hubby has to have 8-9 hours sleep every night , Jason is a work horse, Jason will work from 6am to 8-9pm , that's 12=13 hours days , my poor hubby has to take breaks , but Jason wants to keep going without any breaks . THe only reason why my hubby even helped his brother Jason out was because it was a big job , plus we needed the extra money to put back for our beach trip , however if Jason is going to continue to run over hubby like this & not show hubby any respect, then the money isn't really worth it . In other news , the one brother Robbie that purposely did not show up to the 4th of July dinner that his own mother worked her butt of to fix & it really hurt her feeling , the only reason why he didn't show up , was because he didn't want to have to deal with the confertation by own brother ( my husband ) plus he didn't want to have to face me ( whom he has disrespected so much & has not appolgized) So instead of coming to the dinner & making your mom happy & sucking it , he chose not to even show up . I will say it again & again my husband's family is never going to change their stripes ..


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