HIV is not a death sentence as others see it to be,your status will never define you,being positive for six years made me realize more about me,my purpose in life and made me value life more than ever,at first i felt as if my whole world had crushed down and it was over for me,i had several sleepless nights asking myself why me?what did i do wrong to deserve this? But it starts by acceptance,accepting whatever happened happened and it is time to move on,then comes the hardest part,disclosure,who do i tell?who do i share all this with?we always tend to be so afraid of being judged or stigmatized and even have those we loved look down upon us because of our status,we call this stigma. Stigmatization starts with you,stay strong and always have a positive attitude,be positively positive after all,we all live by God’s grace dont we?Avoid stress,stay healthy,eat well and adhere to medication,that is the main secret.For those who judge you,simple ask them if they know their HIV status,and ask them to go get tested.This journey is never easy but with every single step,we become stronger,i do encourage anyone who feels depressed,alone,discouraged and even has no idea of where to start,put everything in writing like i do,pour your heart out and believe that someone somewhere cares.It has to start with you and nobody else.Never stop believing in yourself,working towards your future be it a career,business school or whatever just because you are positive,whether someone will ever love you,get married and even have kids just because you are HIV positive?yes it is in you but does not define you,never feel like the whole world has come to an end,as long as your breathing you are just beginning and always remember,your past is never a continuation of your future.There is always light at the end of the tunnel so keep pressing forward and always remember tomorrow is another day.


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