Cant wait for the government stimulus package to start coming out, I've already got the money spent in my head, the most important is, if mum cant sell her car by next week, then I will give mine to her, so she can pay something off, then she'll pay me back with but when I get the money… mine or mums… it will be going on a tattoo…. finally, been waiting months. then a couple of hundred will be put away, so if we still have the dog in a few months…. she is going to take a nice trip to the vet to get fixed and micro chipped, a couple of needles and a nail clipping. I was looking at collars the other day… and I actually considered getting her a cat one with a bell… so you know if she is near

By the way she has only just learnt to sit, its taken a whole week… I can fully train a dog with in a day or two, with sit, stay, come, lay down and usually a specialty trick like speak or shake or high five, now I heard these type of dogs are stubburn little things, but I didnt think it would take this long to train her…lol but luckily she is mostly toilet trained which is the important part.

This dog would also rather play with her dog biscuits rather than eat them, she grabs one and takes it any where thats not the kitchen and plays with it, she throws it around and pounces on it, kicks it around the house, its pretty cute… but yesterday I was cleaning and found about 5 biscuits in the lounge :s lol.

Sent off my letter to grandad… got a good response, that he understood what I meant, which was good, just finally getting all of that dealt with, really does make life easier and one less thing to analyze lol


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