We all have our own prejudices of the world, and we act accordingly.

How you think of the world and how you think of people… it kind of defines how you act because you adapt to that vision of the world.

Now the problem is… Who's thinking more "correctly"… Even if somebody has a "closer to the truth" vision of the world.

It might not necessarily be more helpful than having a false… happier vision of the world.

Because that's how the world is right now.

That's why In order to change… You need to first change your vision and perceptions of the world.

As your vision changes, you adapt to that new vision… and with a different kind of force applied to the surroundings or the world, a different reaction comes back… in a way that it strengthens your new found vision… and gets you immersed in it.

We are all controlled in a way… Your thoughts tell you who you are… We create a mental cage starting from when were really young and we become trapped by it.

 Not knowing if it's the truth but who cares the world seems to have "responded" anyway… In a way that it makes it seem real.

 It's really our fault… It's our fault for listening to the people who themselves don't know better… and trapped in a cage themselves.

And then we get a bit of their mentality… or from our surroundings… and we start to use it bit by bit too.

but now I am not saying you should lie to yourself to a different vision of the world.

Rather I am against that… I am actually for telling yourself the truth… Not ignoring the darker side of the world… Just believe in yourself… and try to gain information from every which way it comes… Even if you don't want to face the darkness.

But when the new found perceptions comes to change the way you "apply force" onto the world… You better be ready for that…

For better or worse.


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