have learned a lot from the G.A.D. my bi-polar disorder, having horrible panic attacks, lashing out on people for no reason. On top of severe fepression, suicidal trials and done everything seems except for throwing myself in front of a train. I have delt with this for so many years, most of my life I had never been happy…why? I have no clue. Been to dr's they hand me my prescripts, I take the pills and go with it. But I have learned this….you have to really help yourself. This tourterous mind game is tough but we have to be bigger than it is. Yeah yeah, I know…I am crazy right? Well, I thought when my sister (who deals with the same problems) told me the same thing. I told her she was nuts and I couldn't help this. And one day, I was so flippin sick of feeling anxiety, tired of being sheltered in from places because my mind says "you can't go out" your dying…blah blah blah! Well, I am deff no 100% better by no means…probably never will see that light of day.

I have talked to so many people and have been told how they have anxiety as well. How daily they feel death coming over them…I think it is this darn world, media, people making us think we have to do things a certain way, wear certain things, your not good enough, not smart enough, were always bored. I have been through hell and back. I have taken all the medicines to offer…I was such a guinea pig. I can't even tell you if it is the meds now or if it is me not wanting to take this anymore. But we have to hang in this. Tell yourself your going to go out, shop, talk to people whatever. You all have NO idea of what all I have been through. But I will say…please hold on, please. It gets better…..IF YOU MAKE IT BETTER!!! Don't just depend on meds, I know a lot of you will think I am re re or being mean but I know what you all have and are dealing with and it blows and I want more than anything for you all not to have any of your troubles, problems, I want all free from this burden because it is stressful and troubling. But dont hate on what I am saying just trust in yourself because really do. I finally did myself.


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