I went to my friends last night for a few drinks. She had her boyfriend there. We were drinking and laughing. Until her boyfriend decides to tell that she told I was poz. My friend tried to deny it, however I knew the things he was saying had to come from her. because I had been drinking i  just sat and listened, trying to figure out how to handle it. I got up and decided the best thing was to just leave. So as i was walking to my apartment. All I could think of was how dare her. I trusted her. Who else did she tell? What was the point of doing so? What did she get out of it? Well needless to say. I was fuming.So i preceeded to turn around. I went back to her apartment, and beat the crap outta her.Her boyfriend held my arms so she could hit me. yep I have a nice shiner. She got the worst end of the deal though. We started fighting inside and ended up outside. How that happened I have no clue. There were people everywhere watching. It took five guys to pull us apart. I am just lucky i didnt get arrested. I am more than likely gonna get evicted. So I ask myself was it worth it? would I do it all over again? Hell yeah…I am not a violent person. The last fight I was in was 20yrs ago. That just isnt how I am. but when I found out what she told. I snapped. then To top it all off. Her boyfriend tries to force himself on me. My brother-in-law took care of that. Ive lived many years not telling anyone about my status. Just in the past year have I decided to tell a few close friends. Now  see that was a huge mistake.I am so angy and so hurt. How can a true friend do that? I have never been big on trust. I should have kept it that way. I wont make that mistake again..If you dont let anyone get close enough they cant hurt you.The only thing I regret is not waiting til she was off the property to beat  her ass. Now I may have to move. I take responsability for my actions.I hope when she looks in the mirror today she stops and thinks before she opens her mouth again.Anyway just had to get it off my chest. I have never blogged. Guess there is a first time for everything. I am going to take a nap now. Didnt get much sleep..

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  1. kitty_kat2000 13 years ago

    thank you all for your kind words.i am not a big drinker but i do induldge once in awhile.i dont think alcohol really made a difference. i think the outcome would of been the same. i wasnt drunk by far. i wish i was now cause i have muscels i didnt know i had lol. i am really feeling it now. i didnt do bad for an old woman lol  seeing how the girl was 20yrs younger and twice my size.thank god there was no blood shed. not mine anyways. seriously though.i will think twice in that situation again.i  wish i could take it all back.i dont like to hurt people. i do feel bad.i think i have just had alot of things bottled up for a long time. and it was just a matter of time before someone set me off.i even told my sis on sveral ocassions that i just feel like i am gonna explode and someone will cross my path at the wrong time. i could feel it. so i did it to myself and have to face whatever may come. no matter what that may be.

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