What did I learn from my challenges so far?

What did you learn from yours?

Yesterday, I was where I am from and drove by childhood house etc.   It made me start thinking.

I thought of each challenge and the wisdom gained such as

child neglect- inner strength, resourcefulness, learned to separate myself from the choices of others and realize I am only responsible for my actions

child endangerment- survival skills, babysat to earn money for my basic needs

child abuse- made so called “parents” my horrible warnings and it resulted in me making the opposite choices they would of made, behaved, and choices to be my best version of me

rape-I suppose survival? I have challenging times finding a positive out of rape.

another rape- equally 👎

a attempted rape- thumbs down 👎

sexual harassment (multiple jobs) – I did all I could to fix it and nothing helped   Another thumbs down 👎

Job losses  from not accepting sexual advances from bosses-  a chance to use my skills at being good with money and resourceful I suppose but it was thumbs down 👎

abuse from one of my adult children’s former significant others (almost was my son in law)- this was horrible   I trusted him and loved him like a son and then he……. Lesson that is positive is …. ?

(Currently) Living near husbands horrible relatives-  huge challenge.    Avoiding then is a skill  I am good at.   Working on getting used to being isolated and loneliness



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