When I was in high school, I had a crush on this guy. He sat behind me in Spanish, and one of the few things about him that I remember is the day we were learning negative adjectives, he tapped me on the shoulder and started trying to tell me, in Spanish, how I was stupid and ugly and all of the awful things you can describe a person as being. I remember just watching him, kind of blank faced, and he finishes reading this long list and looks up at me in triumph, surely expecting me to be crying or something.

Instead, I quite calmly nodded as if in agreement and said, “You do know that in Spanish, Yo means I, right?”

At which point, he exclaimed, “Oh, I meant tu! Tu!”

So this guy, this jerk who happened to be blessed with a few pretty features, basically told me that he was stupid and ugly, and I think he proved himself right.

Ugly is way more than looks. Be beautiful, people.


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