THERE ARE SO many things I wish to say right now, but I seriously lack the capacity to organize it all here..


Life can be the most amazing experience ever. Really, honestly and truly.


When was the last time you slowed down to watch the sun set. Or turn your iPod off to hear the sounds of the dancing trees in the wind. When was the last time you grabbed a board game and played with your family, you FAMILIA, till minutes turned to hours, hours turned into an extremely long night of fun, CHEATIng, and I owe you’s. When was the last time you went to someone and told them you were scared, that you needed help, you went in for a hug and got hugged back. when was the last time someone told you I loved you and meant it, or you told someone and meant it.  These moments make life grand. These are the moments that remind me why it’s so important to live an try to live as fully as possible.

I understand that we all have our problems. My biggest problem was that I was airing ALL my business for the world to criticize. A good rule of thumb, figure out what things should be made public or with the trust of a friend and what things stay in the HOME. Everyone always have a sure fire way to solve your problems, but they have NO CLUE what your situation is, or how complex it is. It took my own experiences to understand why abused women stay with their boyfriend, husbands ect. Yes, hear what others have to say during difficult times especially others in SIMILAR situations, or someone in a position that can actually HELP you, but listen to your self. You can get your self some real f**ng good advice ( if your built that way) don’t be afraid to see a counselor—your not crazy by doing so. Excellent Mental Health is vital for the livelihood and the productivity of our lives.

My cousin told me something quite amazing. She said don’t tell me that you can’t do something or its never going to happen. Call me and tell me that you’re working on it or when you made it there. My grandma said to me if you always tell the truth, you can’t survive. Take these sayings as you wish.

Be a MYSTERY, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say  it at all—- very true. ACCEPT your family especially, and friends as they are, because your not perfect and they still stick with you. However learn how to prevent getting upset, you know what someone is going to say sometimes before they say it, expect it so that you don’t become vengeful and respect their decisions. I TRIED to change people, for their better, for my better, I don’t know. YOU CANT change anyone. And you cant play GHADI. Sometimes some arguments and fights cant be mediated. And sometimes YOU HAVE TO BE READY TO walk out and leave the people who are holding you back, or at least severely limit their influence over you, including parents, family, best friends, lovers.


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