hi tribe family and friends, in my part of the state of Arizona we are under an extreme heat warning through tomorrow at 7pm. where i lived today it's 105. yesterday i had to go to Lake Havasu City where it topped out at 122. having lived in AZ for almost 9 years and Alaska for 36 you could call this a cultural shock. but health wise for me i am in the best place i can be. praise the lord for the person who invented A/C. unforetunately my Toyota 4X4 does not have A/C. my Acura legend and my wifes Honda CRV does. so i only drive the truck when needed to haul shit.

but this kind of weather does keep me inside and cool. i have a procedure schedule for sept. 16th to have injections in my back because i have 4 herniated discs with bone spurs that click together constantly. they want to perform surgery on my lower spine. i have my upper spine fixed 4 years ago. this particular sugery scares the shit out of me. my lower back at this time is completely inflamed and very tender and sore. so i am icing it daily and hoping that will help a bit. i am putting off the surgery as a last resort. if two or three sessions with the injections don't work then around the first of the year i will look into back surgery. i am just asking that you as my world wide family and friends put this into your prayers and let's see if God can intervene in this process. i can tell you from the heart i am totally miserable. all you have to do is lightly touch my lower back and the pain sends me to my knees.

thanks to all, stay clean and most of all be good to yourself.


NA hugs and love,


JJ in sunny, hot Arizona 105 degrees at this time it's 5:17pm



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