Eric the Coffee guy died Friday.
He was beat to death in an altercation with his brother.

It is yet another way this DISease kills.
I loved him.

Everyone I know loved him.

He exuded love, patience, understanding, humility, humor, talent…

He had some issues…he was a little whacked…like all of us are.

He was the most non-violent person I have ever met.

I don't understand.

Sometimes when he would share I would think, Oh we go again…same old story.. and then I would be utterly amazed at the wisdom, the simple pure truth that came out of his mouth.

He ALWAYS told us he loved us and how blessed he was to be of service to us.

He ALWAYS said something special and personal to everyone who spoke the lead or told their story. He shared in every meeting. He SERVED.

He came early. He locked up and took the trash.
Sometimes he took the trash when he was walking because he had no car and everyone who had one had already left…so he walked with our trash..he walked a long way actually…I don't remember anyone ever offering him a ride home but I hope they did.

I know I didn't.

He served. He loved his God. He loved us and he died sober.

My heart aches, I will miss him. When I chaired, he helped me set up…(he did that for ALL of us!) He made the coffee and we sang gospel songs as we worked. He gave great harmony.

His life was hard but he was full of joy. He was a beacon – I can only aspire to know the purity of light he was very very bright. and very very humble…and very pure. I don't understand how this could happen …to him.
I hope someone is serving HIM a nice cup of coffee this morning's meetin on the other side.


We wrote a song using the tune of Give me that old Time Religion… Give me that AA decision, those 12 steps and 12 Traditions, Give me that AA decision it's good enough for me…

His verse: It was good enough for Eric. Not a preacher nor a cleric, but he keeps us in hysterics…that's good enough for me!”

Peace be with you, Eric.


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