I like to rate myself on scales. It is what I do. I can’t help it!

A few examples of this bad habit are…

Man 6/10

Lesbian 7/10

And clueless 10/10

Being clueless has causes a great number of problems for me. For example: If I came out of the closet to a friend I,d have no idea what to come out as. (Other than Bi) Meanwhile the friends I have spoken to have said that I am just confused or call me a lesbian instead of Bi, make butt sex jokes, and mentioned it when it is unnecessary or just plain rude.

have always considered transitioning but I am too afraid that I might regret it. I am to attached to my hair and concerned of what people might think if I were to cut it short.

Other than that people have been very accepting and I have had a good experience so far. Bullying did not really bother me since there all idiots anyway. And O have found a group of friends that are understanding and trustworthy.

Home is when my troubles really set in. I live with my grandpa who is old fashioned. I have never seen my farther and do not see my mother often enough. My grandmother however died in a car crash when I was 7.

This messed me up quite a bit as a kid and I never got over it. A small while before my apparently “imaginary” best friend moved away and I never heard from her again. I stoped wearing “boys” clothes and quit dance and all other sports.

To this day I feel more comfortable as a boy. But I’m not safe enuf with my home life and I am still not sure what I want to do with my life.

But one thing is for sure, until then I’ll just remember

It will always  work out



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