So, I'd invited my entire choir (25-30 people), my coworkers (15-20 people), my old neighbors (3 people), andmy former employers (2 people); my BF invited his friends ( 5 people) and his professor (everyone else he knew had moved away); my parents invited their neighbors (10 people) to come as well. I didn't expect EVERYONE to show up, so I prepared food for 20-25. How many showed up? Six. That's it. Six of my parents' neighbors and that was it. Not a single coworker, not a single choir member.

One coworker called me and apologized that she was sick, but no one else called. I was ALMOST tempted not to show up for work seeing as how I must not be that important. :p

As for choir, it's bad enough I was debating on weather or not to come back this comming year. But I gave everyone three notices. Once, a tthe end of a rehersal when we give eachother all our announcements (which, no one seemed all that excited I'd gotten a house), I sent an email to our member that does all the mass emails so that she could send it out to everyone, and I sent a mass email myself that day reminding people about it. None showed. Not a single one. Out of 25-30 people! I received 3 emails in reply, two said they were busy, and a third said she'd forgotten. That's all I got. It really stung.

Of my BF's invites, he'd only expectedhis professorto show up, and that person was a no show as well.

How can 50+ people ALL have excuses?

I don't know what to do, and now I"v egot way too much leftover fruits and veggies (almost a whole watermellon!) that I'll never be able to eat it all before it spoils!


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