I have been thinking again, that's not good for me but I keep on doing it these are my thoughts on who is god.



I was told as a child that god was everywhere, & as I grew up, I thought about who god really was.


After over 50 years of life experience, the following is what I believe, however death may bring further enlightenment.


I have been searching, all my life for the real god. I don't want anyone to change how they think, but would like to give people something to think about.


We live in an amazing times, with so much info all around us, so it has made my search easier.


When I was young & visiting my grand parents in the country, we would stay the night, & my grandmother would read bible stories to us.


The stories I would remember all my life, but as I grew older, I started to question my belief in god, so I went though a time in which I didn't believe there was a god, mainly because if god was a thinking being, I couldn't see god as an adult, but as a child, who was playing with us like a child would with plastic toys.


I didn't want to know a god like that.


Now after a lot of looking, listing & learning, I think I have found the real god.


It's not a 'being' as we see other people, god is, as the bible says, all around us & in all of us, god is the spirit of every thing that has ever lived or is living. God is nature.


It may sound wrong to some people, but if you think about it, there is so much evidence, scientific & just human experience that can make it logical.


People from all countries, races & beliefs l have common experiences with the spirit world or how they see a god.


From the earliest of times, people have been using common methods to see into the world of the spirits or god.


They have used poisons or narcotics, made from the plants, that take them close to death, to take them to the edge of the spirit world.


Others have used deep meditation, or starved themselves, to take them to the edge of death.


There have been many thousands of stories about people who have had near death experiences, & the numbers are increasing these days with modern medicine, although similar cases have been written about in history.


I have read about, & also have personal experience, of people who have had "Near death experiences", and this leads me to believe that it is possible to engage the spirit.


If you look at the spirit scientifically, then there is an explanation there as well.


It is common knowledge that living beings produce electrical energy, and that the brain utilises electrical impulses.


So, what happens to all that stored up electrical energy and electrical information in our brain when we die? Where dose it go?


It is a fact that an electrical impulse goes on forever. We are receiving them from space every day, and they are billions of years old.


I think our life's energy joins the collective energy of all other life energy forces, that have passed before, and that's why many people see a loved one "in the light" when they have a near death experience.


This is where, I believe, we become one with god as the bible puts it.


To me, we become one with nature.


There are a lot of beliefs that say we are reincarnated, & this could make sense if you believe that we join all the other spirits when we die.


In some beliefs, they say that each time we are reborn, we learn a bit more so our souls can grow.


I think that this could be possible & I have seen how children born into the same family can have such different personalities.


The old argument about which makes a persons personality, nature or nurture are right in both counts, both make up a persons personality.


We are born with the soul that has come into us before we are born & then we continue our learning in our new body & this goes on till we have reached perfection.


I think Jesus & the other prophet, over thousands of years, might have been one of these old, perfect souls, that are reborn in the times we need help to get on the right path.


Jesus could have been reborn as Mohammad or Buddha or many more prophet from many other times & from many other cultures around the world.


I feel that what Jesus tried to teach, was misinterpreted by people who didn't fully understand what he was trying to say.


Now I know many would think I'm crazy & I might be a little, but if you put it all together then, to me, it makes possible sense.



I have come to these thoughts, from opening my mind & heart to all other beliefs from around the world, instead of believing blindly in one religion or belief which has be written & rewritten by men for centuries. These people from all those centuries ago, wrote what they understood, for their time, to be true.


To me god is nature & nature can be cruel, but it is also very beautiful & if you respect nature, you respect god. For me, it also makes wars, disease & natural disaster understandable.



Native peoples from all over the world, who have respected & lived by natures laws, are the ones who knew the real god, not our so called "civilised sociality".


I have learnt a lot from my own life, & I needed to live the experiences to learn.


I learnt, that miracles can happen even if you don't pray to a god but by looking into yourself for the strength, if you believe in yourself, then your spirit will draw strength from spirits in natures.


When I was young I didn't listen to my sixth sense & I always ended up doing something that caused me great harm. Now I listen to my sixth sense, or my inerspirit & I have been saved from the wrong decision & even death, many times.


I have learnt a long time ago, not to give advice till someone comes to you asking for advice, but it doesn't stop me from expressing my thoughts.


So many people are just like children as said in the bible, & they need to learn from experience till their souls have grown.




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