i haven't been able to get to a computer lately cuz my laptop recently decided to stop workin. oh well what i really need to do is vent! so much has happened in such few weeks. i've wanted to blog about all of it, but never got the chance.); anyways so i've quit talkin to my sister which my parents highly dissaprove of. i have many good reasons, but noone ever tries to look at my perspective of things except my brother. which caused my mental breakdown when my father decided screamin was the right solution… all i was sayin to my sister was"i just need a little space." you see she tells me all the ins and outs of her relationship with her bf which is very stressful when someone asks for advice then does the oppisite. it makes me angry just thinkin about it.back to the mental breakdown, never experienced anythin like it, all at once i was just so tired and wanted to go away for awhile, which if you know me that's nothin i would ever say/do. my mother freaked on me when i told her and now i'm guessin the whole family things i'm crazy…me bein me i'm tryin to look at the positives of the situation and that would be in my heart i know who i am and noone can change that or change me. i'm strong and i will get through this.oooh and the mental breakdown could've had to do with a certain therapist who told me i was basically doin nothin right…sheesh. that took me two friggin' days to get over, like why do i let such little things bother me? some strange therapist tells me i'm not meetin his expectations and i fall to pieces. looks like i have to work on some mental strength to say the least! but that can't happen until i've worked out my new problem which is my paxil causin all these weird side effects. so tomorrow hopefully will be a productive day goin to the doctor. i'm tryin to remain positive and that's all i can do, i wish the same to all of you!<3


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