I dont know why it suddenly crossed my mind or became so important but I was reading a great book by Sarah Dessen and thinking of this great title for a book I saw someone post and how I could base a book off of something similar when it popped into my head.

There was this letter and it was extremely important to me. And all of a sudden I practically jumped off of my bed to my closet and grabbed my keep sake box and started digging through it like crazy, and I found the little pouch I keep all the letters I have ever gotten in and I opened each one. millions of notes from my friend Lindsey tons of letters from my old neighbors that I wrote to every week and even a few little notes I had wrote to remind myself of something. But the letter wasnt there. All I could think the whole time I'm digging through it is why is this letter so important? it still is, actually I'm getting up right now to go check one more place…

…it wasnt there either. But, see, I stopped in the middle of writing to go look for it. Just one letter that I remember what I did to it because of what had happened that day but I dont want to believe that I did that because it means its gone. And once again I have no clue whats making me feel so driven to find it or why its important.

That situation has long since passed and it will only ever be a summer in my memory but now I guess I feel like memories arent enough and if I could have that letter as a tangible memory it would truly be real.

I did however find a letter that my sister Adeleine, before she changed so drastically into a self centered drama queen, wrote me that summer that seems so long ago now. And it was a note that had made my day then and today as I read it a bittersweet feeling washed over me. it read:

Someone loves Taysia but neither of them know it yet.

It is one of the only tangible evidence of that summer I have left. I was so happythen and I want the letter to remind me of the happiness, however brief it was, because the only other physical evidence of that summer are all of the hidden scars…


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