Well, things have been OK.  however, Satan actually had the nerve to knock on my door on my B-day!!!  What the Fuck was she thinking??  Then to make matters worse, the bitch actually called my house the day after or on Father's Day!!!  I know damn well it had nothing to do with the fact that I didn't call the piece of shit that raised me.  I'm sure it had more to do with the fact that she suppossedly has breast cancer and is suppossedly dying.  Well, I wish she'd get on with it!!!  This is the 6th time she has suppossedly had cancer since I was in high school.  NO ONE HAS CANCER THAT MANY TIMES without surgery or chemo and lives…PERIOD!!!!

I just found out she finally let my oldest daughter get some of her belongings and also found out at the time that she isn't living here.  So now all of a sudden it's completely OK for her to come over anytime and get her things.  Again it's all about whatever will hurt me the most.  And her claims that she didn't so anything wrong and doesn't understand why I won't speak to her.  OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!  I do not understand how she can think that way, not to mention the fact that everyone she tells, no one has said, WTF???  you tore her family apart, you alienated her from her entire family, you turned extended family and inlaws against her, you called CPS twice for false and completely fabricated problems, you completely alienated all her friends, and actually stole shit out of her house!!  you kept her daughter away from her for an entire year and filled her full of lies!!  But you don't know why I won't speak to you??


Can't you just feel the unconditional love from a mother to a daughter????


Now I have to worry about what you will do next!!! 

Who's going to be on the other side of the door the next time the doorbell rings?  cps ?  a cop?  you??  I don't know which is worse.

CPS suggested I move and not tell anyone…that was the only way to protect myself from her.  that weather it is a false accusation of not, even if it is continuall mad and nothing is found, they still have to come.  That's Bullshit!!!  What about the few children who really need rescuing?  Then they told me about her actually committing crimes…#1 interfering in the custody of a minor…#2 making false reports to a government agency…I looked them up they are both felonies.

So how do I persue these???  Of course they didn't tell me that.  why does she always get away with these kinds of things??


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