Since this site is all about anxiety disorders, I guess I'll start out with my story and how I got to this point


I remember when it started.

It was back in 2004ish when I went to a concert. I was up front in a huge crowd of people, and being someone who used to preform in stage performances crowds had never bothered me. I had just had thyroid surgery and my body was out of wack and before the concert ended I started feeling dizzy and got sick. I was with my friends and I was so embarrassed. I haven't gone to a concert since.

Since then, it wasn't really a big deal until around the holidays. I think its the stress I have since I work retail, it would escalate and I would begin to avoid going into the mall or stores for fear I might get sick. It was the worst this past holiday season. Grocery stores have since become my enemy, especially huge lighted ones like Walmarts. It got to the point where I couldn't even go to a nice restaurant without feeling like I was going to vomit, so for awhile besides work I would mostly stay at home or over at friend's houses I knew well. I felt so crazy, I was so embarrassed!

Finally I got fed up so I went to my family doctor. He said I had panic attacks caused by this disorder, and started me on medication. I took it for awhile but I really didn't like it since it dulled me and made me not really interested in anything, but I'm willing to try it again if it helps. I just moved to a new city and there is this very large, very neat store I have been wanting to go to. I've been looking it up on the internet for weeks, checking out what they have, and finally today got up the courage to go. I made it a bit inside then told my "support person" (my boyfriend) that I didn't feel comfortable, so I sat in the lavatory for awhile before deciding to go home. I was so disappointed that I didn't get to do what I wanted to, so I've decided its time to do something about it before I become housebound.

I heard support is a good thing during this process. So I found this site, and I'm looking forward to reading about your stories and suggestions and hopefully will share more of mine sometime soon. Thanks in advance!

Miss Terious


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