today was day 2 of the therapy. Actually, I guess technically maybe day 1 since the last time was just doing intake info. I thought my intern was going to be around until the end of August, but today she tells me she is only going to be around for two more weeks. That means we have two more appointments before she ditches me off to someone else that I'll have to pay for.

It's probably for the best. I don't know how helpful she is. Sure, she's a good listener and she knows how to hand out printouts of anxiety and sleep issues, but other than that…hmm, not so much. She thinks I should have my doc sign off on prescribing me meds and refer me to their psychiatrist that way he'll see me. (I was told that he wouldn't see me because I was already being medicated). Then I can get tested again (haven't been since teenage yrs) and get an official diagnosis, which might change the meds I'm on. Insurance will pay 50% of his bills. However, the intern says that he only sees the patients for 20 mins at a time (except for the initial evaluation, which is an hour), and doesn't sound like he'd be someone that I could talk to, really, just get diagnoses and meds from.

I was doing some more searching and discovered that my insurance will pay 50% of the bills for a licensed social worker the next town over (15 mins away). It is a man though, whom I've never met. But I'm sure he's cheaper than the psychiatrist. I may call and see.

I'm not sure what to do at this point. I should keep talking to someone, but I'm not sure if I should go the psychiatrist route or the social worker route. I really need advice. Are social workers really helpful?

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  1. Serenityhope 13 years ago

    Are there any free clinics, or sliding scale clinics in your area?  They are income-based and very affordable.  I once went to a counselor at one and just had to pay a few dollars each time; she was very helpful.  

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