Back home and back at work.

Had an enjoyable vacation with Mark, mostly played the housewife and cleaned up after him cooked for him etc. cause he couldnt get much time off. Did get a chance to go out to the gun range and shoot a handgun for the first time ever, it was louder than I expected. Had a great Valentines and got to go out for dinner and whatnot.

Then you come home and all your issues are waiting to pounce on you ><. Forgot my dads birthday while I was in the States so I phoned him to say happy birthday and my step mom announced that he isnt attending my wedding due to the fact that Mark never bothered to come meet him when he was in town for three weeks a year ago. I can understand my dad being upset that he hasnt met Mark but boycotting my wedding over it seems a bit harsh… It isnt as though Mark lives around the corner and can just easily come up and rectify the situation and at the time I was working nonstop and I guess I should have taken some time off to make the 2 hour trip to introduce him. I thought I would get another opportunity and had no idea I was going to be proposed to so soon afterward. I offered to get Mark to call him but dad says hed rather not talk to a stranger. No idea how to fix this issue at all and its stressing me out but what else is new. Im not sure this is really the issue behind why he doesnt want to attend either. We've had this discussion before and I grovelled and apologised profusely already. You'd think his ass would be chaffed enough from my kiss marks by now. My step mom already told me soon after I told them I was getting married that they wouldnt attend the reception because my mom would be there. I have to wonder if hes using this as an excuse not to attend the ceremony for the same reason.

The new owner at work wants to change lots of things. He's lightening my work load apparently which is good but it might mean I take a pay cut which is bad. Its back to wearing name tags which always makes me feel degraded somehow, professionals dont wear name tags do they? Also we'll be getting uniforms, pink uniforms. Yay, pink is kinda, optomistic right?….


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